Cinta Fitri and Success MD Entertainment

Cinta Fitri Season 3 got a place in the hearts of the viewers of TV Indonesia. CINTA FITRI successfully grabbed rating 12.5%, higher than the rating of the football event of only 10%. In addition to the successful awards of the Festival-festival, SOAP is really very much appreciated Community TV Indonesia.

The main Advantage is the story of the Cinta Fitri contrived. Almost all the way the story makes sense. Unlike the General SOAP-soap opera that exist today, the general public and the community as fooling Indonesia is not as stupid that counted.

Conflict-conflict that occurred in General is a common occurrence in conflict everyday society. Watch Cinta Fitri for some community as if watching the life of its own. A child's character Mischa still get a place in the Prime and managed to drive the family Farel, Al-Fitr and Oma presented by reasonable according to logic. Not with the road suddenly and Abracadabra.

Cinta Fitri is indeed special. The end of Cinta Fitri Season 3 cause most of the community, not only from among mothers who feel there is something missing in their nights. Hopefully, MD and Cintra Fitri inspired insan entertainment to give entertainment in logic and realistic.

Raul Lemos, pria di balik perceraian Anang dan KD

Krisdayanti, diva Indonesia itu yang seringkali diberitakan kurang harmonis dengan Anang, sejak namanya melejit menjauhi nama Anang, dikabarkan telah ditalak oleh Anang. Personil 3diva tersebut tinggal memformalitaskan perceraian mereka secara hukum. Kabar yang santer terdengar, pria dibalik perceraian tersebut adalah Raul Lemos.